Hello all! Spectacle by Christian Robinson is in stores now! Christian is an award winning illustrator, and we are so excited to be offering his first-ever fabric collection as part of our Cotton+Steel Friends series.

And now we have to show you this ADORABLE quilt by Suzy Quilts. We love Suzy’s fun patterns, cute sidekick Scrap, and hilarious Instagram posts (seriously give her a follow if you aren’t already doing so). Today she released a new quilt pattern called the Campfire Quilt, and she stitched up a sample using Spectacle fabrics. We think it’s a match made in heaven!

We’re sorry if these photos are giving you more cuteness than you can currently handle (or are we sorry?).

Here is a downloadable PDF yardage chart if you’d like to make your own Campfire Spectacle quilt with¬†the Campfire pattern by Suzyquilts!

Happy sewing!

(quilt photos courtesy of suzyquilts)

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