Happy Monday! We are so excited that our newest collections are shipping, starting with Flutter by Melody Miller!

This season, we did something a little different with the quilt samples – we used our free Swatch Quilt pattern for all of them. We love this pattern because it is quick, fun, beginner friendly, and such a good way to showcase your favorite prints without chopping them into oblivion. It’s awesome to see how much the look of the pattern changes depending on which fabric collection is used.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests on social media for yardage info for these different variations of the Swatch Quilt, so we are going to post them for free here on the blog as each collection ships! So, if you’d like to make your own Flutter Swatch quilt, first download the free Swatch Quilt Pattern, then download the free Flutter Quilt Infosheet (also pictured below) and use the yardages and placement diagram to swap out the fabrics.

This is a quilt you can totally cut and piece in a weekend. Remember to tag your makes with #flutterfabric and #cottonandsteel so we can see them! Happy sewing!!

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