We’re so excited to share Paper Cuts by Rashida Coleman-Hale, shipping now!

Paper Cuts is inspired by the Japanese festival Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, and the art of Kirigami, a type of origami that involves the cutting of paper to create beautiful and intricate shapes. All but two prints are printed on unbleached fabric to create the natural warmth of vintage paper.

Like the rest of our Fall 2017 collections, we whipped up a version of our Swatch Quilt using Paper Cuts and basics. The simple but visually impactful pattern showcases the fabric designs, and it’s quick enough to cut and stitch in a single afternoon!

If you’d like to make a Paper Cuts Swatch quilt, first download the free Swatch Quilt pattern, then download the Paper Cuts Infosheet (also pictured below) for yardage and fabric placement info to swap out the original pattern’s fabrics.

Happy sewing!

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