The latest C+S collection shipping to stores is Sunshine by Alexia Abegg. Yay! In Sunshine, Alexia is inspired by memories of her favorite arts and crafts from childhood. Warm, muted colors are reminiscient of long afternoons after school, drawing animals and making construction paper collages at her kitchen table. The simple shapes and sweet imagery in Sunshine are perfect for kids clothes, quilts, home decor and more.

As with our other Fall 17 collections, we made a Sunshine version of our versatile free Swatch Quilt pattern. We love the Swatch Quilt because it showcases your favorite prints without cutting them up too small, and it’s easy enough to cut and sew in an afternoon!

We’ve made a free guide for how to convert the Swatch Quilt pattern to work with Sunshine. Please note that this is a slightly different version than the photo above, but just as cute! Download the free info sheet (also shown below) and the Swatch Quilt pattern and get stitching!

Happy Sewing!

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