Masaru Suzuki

Respected textile designer, Masaru Suzuki, comes from the seaport town of Chiba, Japan. He is best known for his bold, playful compositions inspired by nature, plants and animals. His vividly colored fabric line, “OTTAIPNU” was established in 2004. In addition to his own brand, Mr. Suzuki has collaborated with well-known international and domestic brands such as Finland’s Marimekko, Japan’s Uniqlo, and Korea’s Socks Appeal. His popular artworks were displayed at the following exhibits: “Suzuki-Masaru Umbrella exhibition” at Aoyama Spiral Garden in 2014 and “Suzuki-Masaru Textile exhibition” at Mitsubishijisho Arteam in 2017. Mr. Suzuki has been given many accolades, most notably the Milan Design Award 2016 Best Engagement by IED. His talents go beyond textiles, expanding his designs to packaging, surface design and architectural space. In addition, he has published a book entitled, “Suzuki Masaru’s Textile”. Mr. Suzuki is currently a design professor at Tokyo Zokei University, undoubtedly inspiring many future artists.

His 60s – 70s Northern Europe vintage fabrics collections influence his work considerably.

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