Oka Emi

Emi Oka is from Tokoname, a city famous for Japanese pottery.

Though pottery did not become her destiny, the love of art was embedded in her from a very young age.  Oka grew up next door to an art school where her passion for drawing flourished. Throughout high school and college, Oka immersed herself in the fields of design and art.

Oka currently works as an illustrator and uses acrylic paints, pencils, simple silk screen techniques and collages to illustrate her delightful interpretations of daily life. Similar to writing in a diary, drawing has become a method of preserving her memories and various emotions like the excitement of seeing a beautiful sunset or listening to her favorite musician. She continues to grow as an artist and is exploring the use of digital tools as a new method of expressing her views.

Oka’s artwork can be seen at art exhibits and on various corporate promotional materials. Original pieces can also be purchased at boutiques and commissioned directly from Oka. Her new cheerful designs will be displayed next February in Tokyo.

Oka find’s the painting subject from little things in daily life or finding some concept after keep drawing without deciding anything.  There is a lot of time the feeling hard to be particular form become the motif like feeling happy when spring is here, fun meal time, beautiful sunset, excitement of going to live concert or musical, finding favorite music.  She is influenced from コトリンゴ (Japanese musician) world view in music world.  Oka might be drawing the pictures like writing the diary as something good happened and you don’t want to forget.

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